Monday, January 23, 2012

Stoneware Dinner Sets, By Mara, and Prado!

On All 16 piece DINNER Sets! 
Why not allow your dinners to become a celebration. 
Surprise your family, guestwith a wonderful table setting 
to bring thefood your serving to life, allowing your taste
buds to come alive!We are proud to bring you the finest
in Stoneware Design by renowned artists, Mara, and Prado.

Serving and entertaining friends andfamily is fun, so invite 
people into yourhome and share the pleasures of food and
fellowship. That's the inspirationbehind the Stoneware Designs 
we offeryou. Art work for your table, bringing people together.
"Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!"  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Prado Nacho Tray, Its Party Time!

The Prado nacho tray would make a wonderful gift 
to give or receive on any occasion. Stoneware 
Lovers need to add this beautiful and whimsical 
piece to their collection!
This 12" serving tray with bowl attached, is great 
for chips and dip but can be used for a wide variety 
of different food.
Each piece is hand painted and fired twice at very 
high temperatures. No two of these true hand-made 
art pieces are exactly alike.

Natural variations in color and shape of the glazing 
patterns give each item an artistic appeal. They are 
lead-free glazed inside and out. Completely food safe, 
microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. All of these high 
quality stoneware creations are designed by 
Prado and hand-made in Mexico.
"Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!"

Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentines Day Is Upon Us!

Believe It or not Valentines Day  is upon us.
Now I know we are all hyped up about the
Super Bowl, but you men, especially, don't for
get your ladies favorite day of romance,
"Valentines Day!"

Make it easy on yourself and order on line.
Surprise her with a package delivered straight
to her door. You know something she would
not have expected you to do.

There are many stoneware designs , and accessories
for you  to choose from. From complete stoneware
dinner sets to stoneware coffee mugs.All hand
painted by Mara, or Prado designers, known
around the world!

Order today you will be glad you did.
"Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ahh! Romance Is In The Air!

Yes its that magical time of year to surprise the
one you love with a romantic gift. You
know that special gift thats meant just for her, 
or him. Yes believe it or not men like receiving
gifts from the one they love to. Sorry guys but 
the word is out now! 

Valentines Day presents the perfect opportunity
to deliver that special gift. We have a large assortment
of stoneware gifts that will more than please the
woman in your life men, or the man in your life ladies!

Coffee Mugs are usually a big hit with the guys,
my wife surprised me with a motorcycle mug
for Christmas. How about a Beer Stein?

For the ladies there are complete dinnerware sets,
or add on accessories to complement her collection.
And yes we have Stoneware Mugs for the girls as
well, that are sure to please.

Order early before the Holiday rush!
"Stoneware Lovers USA, here to please you!"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Mara Stoneware, The Designer!

All of Mara Stoneware design pieces are
high temperature fired with lead-free glazes.

These beautiful pieces of functional art are
microwave and dish-washer safe. Each
piece is engraved and painted by hand.These
make wonderful gifts for Stoneware Lovers.

Mara uses simplification to give life to her
work of ceramic stoneware. Her glazes are
unique for their quality and color and her fine
lines blend shape and essence into images that
flutter between realism and abstraction.

Being an accomplished painter, sculptor,
and ceramicist has made her a master at mixing
glazes and overseeing the production of this fine
 line of ceramics She has created a selection
that must be seen to be appreciated. Be sure to
look through the many pages of designs that
pay tribute to dance, animals, the southwest,
and many other subjects.Stoneware Lovers,
give as gifts or add to your collection!
"Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!"